Special Exhibitions 2018

Patricia Tobacco ForresterRebecca Horn, Annie RetivatBrigitte Coudrain (Brigitte Coudrain was born 26 years ago in Paris. She lives there still. In 1954, after completing her preliminary studies, she entered the atelier-école of the well-known engraver, Friedlaender. There she acquired that astonishing knowledge of the techniques of her art which is the mark of all Friedlaender’s students. The limited selection of her work which follows does not, unfortunately, show the full range of her virtuosity with
the medium. But what it does show—more perhaps than her dusky undulating landscapes or her fine figuring of strange plants in the colors and frailty of pressed flowers—is the distinctive quality of an imagination which has not been blurred by the gratuitous elaboration of a well-learned craft. The technique of inflicting tiny violences through wax on copper or zinc, then brushing acid into the wounds seems on the contrary, the supreme refinement of a delicate viciousness.),
Karl KorabKumi Sugaï Nov 2017 – May 2018

May – Jul

Constanze Kratzsch (Artist in Residence 2018), Resanita (Installation)

Jul – Aug Kathrin SieglPeter Liebmann

Sep – Oct Linda Maria SchwarzJürgen Schiefer, Irmfried Windbichler

Nov  – May 2019 GESTALTEN Christo and Jeanne-Claude

Dec USEFUL & BEAUTIFUL THINGS (NÜTZLICHES & SCHÖNES). Ausstellung & Weihnachtsmarkt.